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Christopher Marc. 20 Something Male. Canadian. Heavily Tattooed. Loves: Cinema, Tattoo Culture, Drawing, All Types Of Music, Traveling, Art & Comic Books

Posts tagged Drive

Mar 4 '13
Tyler Stout’s amazing poster for DRVIE

Tyler Stout’s amazing poster for DRVIE

May 15 '12

Christina Hendricks of Drive/Mad Men

Mar 4 '12
Feb 1 '12
Dec 8 '11

Author James Sallis has written a sequel to his novel Drive which became a movie starring Ryan Gosling and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn…It’s very likely we could be seeing a sequel to Drive in the future….

"Six years later - Phoenix. Out of nowhere someone wants Driver dead. Who? Why? Big mistake…"

Dec 2 '11
Nov 16 '11
Nov 16 '11
Nov 12 '11

“I just wanted you to know… just getting to be around you was the best thing that ever happened to me.”  -  Drive, 2011

Oct 28 '11

The Sound Design of Drive…

Oct 10 '11
Oct 6 '11

Kavinsky’s Nightcall used in during the opening title sequence of Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive which stars Ryan Gosling…one of the better soundtracks I’ve heard in a long time

Sep 29 '11

My favorite films of 2011 so far….